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Ceiling lifts provide mobility for those who find it difficult to safely move with assistance or independently. A Ceiling lift is a motorized device that lifts and transfers a person from point to point along an overhead track. The track can be ceiling mounted, or may be portable (self-standing track). The device incorporates a sling for the person being transferred which can be used either by themselves or by others assisting.

The tracks of a ceiling lift can be curved or straight, and can also run from room to room. The portable (self-standing track) can be placed anywhere without effecting the structure of the room.

Ceiling lifts are ideal when floor space is limited. The most common places for ceiling lifts are the bathroom and bedrooms.

• The transfer to and from the toilet and bathtub, is made much easier with a ceiling lift.

• The transfer from a bed to a wheelchair or scooter is also made easier with a ceiling lift.

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