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Built Environment Accessibility Audits

Inviting inclusive and accessible design into prior to construction will allow to our clients to forecast the needs of their employees and clients. With a sound understanding and vision for Inclusive and accessible design, our team is able to address your layout and design needs, while working with architect and engineers to provide a space that meets and exceeds building code standards.

ADL specializes in working with its clients, brainstorm options, design and layout to ensure that inclusive and accessibility guidelines and standards are met.

ADL offers the following forms of Accessibility Facility/Environment Audits:

1. Accessible/Inclusive Public Space Audits
2. AODA/OBC Facility Audits
3. Champion in Accessibility Audits

Accessible/Inclusive Public Space Audits

ADL provides audits that address public spaces needs and requirements, ensuring that your business meets and exceeds the expectations of the AODA. Our audits are based on current building code, best practices, disability and population trends (aging in place) and guidelines, which are subjective to the nature of the assessed facility use.

These audits are specific to pre-construction, allowing ADL staff to work alongside Architects, Designers and Engineers during the design process.

Our team considers the types when conducting audits including:

  • Visible disabilities (physical)
  • Non-visible (sensory, cognitive)
  • Age specific

Facility Audit (Ontario Building Code)

Section 3.8 of the Ontario Building Code and The Ontario building coded act reference mandatory accessibility requirements that are subject to the type of environment that is being audited.  ADL and its associates will educate and inform its client with respect to the built environment and the need for accessibility. We will work with your organization from the pre-construction phase of a new build, renovation and/or addition to an existing dwelling/building. We will take the responsibility of advising all parties involved of the code requirements, specific to accessibility.

Our obligations as a consultant/liaison is to achieve compliance with approved permits, meet and exceed building code standards as it pertains to 3.8 of the OBC.

Accessibility Champion Audit

ADL will work with your organization so that it can become a leader and a benchmark in accessibility. ADL is prepared to address your accessibility needs, implement strategies and create best practices so that your organization can achieve exceptional accessible workplace design, thus re-enforcing safety, accessibility and inclusion.

The benefits of an Audit:

  • Positive social influence
  • Employment retention
  • Obligation to employee safety
  • Reduce safety and accessibility risk
  • Inclusive working environment
  • Forecast budget and needs per the AODA
  • Reduction of insurance claims
  • Decrease of insurance premiums (content, liability)
  • Property value increase

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