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Automatic door openers/operators are used to open doors for person's with disabilities, the elderly, mother's with strollers and the delivery person with parcels who is not able to open a door manually. The ability to open a door with ease is also important. Flush mount or regular push button are available options. Automatic door operators respond to the growing need for accessible and inclusive environments (commercial, retail, residential and public spaces).

There are multiple types of Automatic door operator available for use. Depending on the design, layout, location of the entry point, a particular type of door automatic may be more suitable. Please see below for different types of automatic door operators:

1. Low energy swing operator

2. Fully automatic swing operator

3. Low profile automatic swing operator

4. Automatic slide operator

5. Access Control Slide Operator


Automatic door operators are designed with safety and ease for the end user.'

Quiet Operation

Automatic door operators provide quiet use and free of external noise. 

Easy Installation

Most automatic door operator requires simple instruction for fast and easy installation and easily retrofitted to existing doors or new construction without major renovation.


The automatic door operators used by Accessible Daily Living are Canadian made and designed specifically for our weather conditions. The combination of superior construction and technology make these automatic door operators the most reliable on the market.


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