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Access and Safety!!! The research and design team at ADL are excited to introduce the ADL-2025/2011 Touchless Automatic Door Operator Systems (TADO).

We are currently working with municipalities across the province of Ontario and soon across to the county, creating safe access and touch-free entry to commercial/retail, industrial, and institutional environments. Depending on your municipality, your business may be eligible for a full or partial subsidy toward the cost of purchase and installation of the TADO System(s). Click here to fill out an inquiry form to start the process.

The ADL Automatic Touchless Door Operating System(s) (TADO) is perfect for businesses of any size.

“Touchless” Technology removes the need for physical interaction between you and the door system. Be it at the front entrance, office area, storage area, secure back door exit, bathrooms, or through-ways; the "Touchless Automatic Door Operator System" (TADO) helps with reducing the spread of the infectious disease, bacteria, and empowers those who may not be able to functionally open a door.

This technology will help bring a sense of confidence back to the consumer/business experience for an individual or restore workplace morale.

Touchless Automatic Door Operators (TADO) offers relief, the first step we all need to get back to business, combat transmission of infectious disease, improve accessibility, and be ahead of the curve.

Prepare your environment for safe and worry-free access. Remove the fear, and let's get back to business.

Call 1-844-ADL-CORP or (905) 533-0581 to speak with one our unique specialists. Alternatively we can be reached by email or  fill out the inquiry form  for potential subsidies your business may qualify to receive.