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Individuals who find it difficult moving from place to place, may feel more comfortable using a grab bar. Grab bars can be installed almost anywhere throughout the house or work environment.

Safety Accident Prevention

Grab Bars are typically found in bathrooms, beside shower entrances, and/or toilet areas due to the fact that the bathroom is statically proven to be the highest prone area for accidents. Grab bars are an essential part to the safety for any individual in a home, be it a child or adult; with or without sustained loss to mobility or cognition. Creating a barrier free living environment does not require major changes, it can be simply thinking of everyone, their safety and preventing an accident from happening before it happens.

Whether it helps prevent a slip or fall from transitioning from one area to another or even while standing in place. Grab bars can help prevent the simple falls that lead to larger problems, making life that much easier and safer for all.

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