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Homes can be made into Smart Homes and are no longer a concept from the past.

Technology can be quite useful in making our lives more accessible to the surrounding environments.

Smart homes are linked through a device which can control lighting, temperature, surveillance and security of loved ones. These devices can be as simple as a remote or can be automated by computer devices.

For example, an individual living with a cognitive impairment can be monitored and assisted by friends or family elsewhere using smart home technology. For others, security may be the central application. Others may decide to install advanced controls or use voice recognition. Smart Home is defined as anything that gives you remote or automated control of functions and security in and around the home.

Adding home automation, to an existing home, is surprisingly affordable and simple. We subcontract experienced Licensed Electrical Contractors for all electrical work who are knowledgeable in creating a user friendly smart home environment that works for the home owner/user.

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