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The kitchen can be a dangerous place for an individual with cognitive and mobility limitations. Kitchen counters, and appliances, are usually set at the standard height of 36 inches.  This proves difficult to access from a seated position. ADL provides many options when it comes to kitchen modifications.

 One of the most obvious mobility troubles in the kitchen is the height of the counters. ADL is talented and capable of redesigning your kitchen layout with roll-under sinks, adjustable, or set counter heights, and accessible sink faucets.

 Roll-under sinks, allows a person in a wheelchair to approach the sink comfortably and safely. All exposed piping under a sink should be either covered or insulated to prevent leg burns.

 Installing an adjustable counter, allows other members of a household, the use of  a proper working station.

 ADL recommends installing lever style handles and shallow kitchen sinks. Lever handles allow a person to turn the water on with a fist or arm movement, rather than having to grasp. A shallow sink will also provide the space for a person to roll under the counter in a wheelchair.