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Knowledge and technical expertise of our architects & engineers have propelled ADL to the forefront of creating inclusive environments which require vision, focus, understanding, problem-solving, planning, rendering and presentation.

Having a team of Architects and Engineers helps Accessible Daily Living reduce the costs associated with the construction, energy, and operation. We will respond to your needs, never forsaking quality and safety.

ADL's multi-disciplinary team specializes in barrier free living for individuals who have sustained a loss related to their mobility or cognition. This is not limited to houses or offices; ADL has experience assessing larger buildings and public spaces; new or existing.

New dwelling build

The construction of any new dwelling must comply with the planning requirements of local area bylaws, but most importantly, the design must also conform to the needs and wants of the client. Whether it is coordinating with Occupational Therapists, Architects, Builders or Case Workers; the ADL team has the knowledge of the various industries to make any build project a seamless one.

Using Existing Architectural Drawings

You may already have detailed architectural drawings; if that is the case, ADL will work with the existing designs and provide you with your custom home utilizing our building expertise.

Beginning a Build or ReBuild

Alternatively, we can take you through the whole design process; interpret your initial thoughts for the design; provide you with professional insight, and direction, in order for your custom home to become a reality. Aging in Place and remaining to live in your own home despite new mobility or cognitive impairments can sometimes be much more obtainable than you think. Usually a few minor adjustments can make your own home more comfortable and safe. Creating accessible environments for all is our focus, especially when discussing building, working with architects and/or engineers.

The single most critical stage in the creation of a new home is the design. Whether modified, custom, or 'cookie cutter', the design is the foundation for achieving success.

Now any vision can be possible, visit our Financial Resources to help start the process today.