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With a multidisciplinary team approach, ADL provides AODA Consultation Services to support all accessibility needs. ADL is in constant connection with occupational therapists, case managers, funding agencies, product providers, architects and engineers, in order to provide a truly custom experience.

Inclusive Design advances accessibility for all and encompasses the full range of human diversity including ability, language, culture, gender and age.  Inclusive Design recognizes everyone's needs and puts it into functional practice. Design must be usable, flexible, and customizable among other qualities to be truly inclusive. From policies, customer service, infrastructure, technology, buildings to everyday products—we can design any area or use various simple tools so that everyone can be accommodated and included in every aspect of daily living.

Please feel free to contact our office directly to get started or to discuss any aspect of inclusive design, AODA Consultation or even to connect with some of our resources.

Toll Free: 1-844-ADL-CORP
Tel: (905) 533-0581

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